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Tough Dog 40mm Adjustable Suspension - Ranger PXI & PXII

Requires Assembly Option

Ideal for vehicles with no constant load.
Rear spring is specifically designed for heavy-duty use on vehicles that have no constant load. (Matching springs with weight is critical to performance. Talk to your local dealer to ensure this kit is right for you.)

Kit Components

  • 40mm Adjustable Strut (FRONT) BM404500 x 2
  • 40mm Adjustable (REAR) BM401232 x 2
  • Coil Springs (FRONT) TDC451 x 2
  • Leaf Springs (REAR) FS369C x 2
  • TDUB-040 x 2
  • TDUK-070 x 1
  • Transmission Spacer TDSP-007 x 1

  • Front Lift: 40mm  Rear Lift: 40mm

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