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King Springs leads the way in the design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms. King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including passenger, commercial and Four Wheel Drive vehicles and various Motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off-road racing.

  • King Springs was established in 1956 on Queensland's Gold Coast.

  • Our complex comprises three adjoining factories spanning 8000 square metres.

  • Administration, manufacturing and warehousing all function from this one location employing over 70 people.


  • All King Springs are CAD designed

  • Only X5K Material is used, this is a new generation of high strength Spring Steel which with-stands higher operating stresses and has superior resistance to sagging.

  • Peeling & Tapering - Bar peeling and tapering of 1mm from the surface removes all imperfections.

  • Gas heating is used for the furnaces for their clean and efficient heating

  • All coils are made with a computer controlled process for precise tolerances

  • Once the coil has been rolled it is placed into an oil quenching bath at 850 degrees Celsius and hardened to 62 HRC Rockwell Hardness.

  • the coil is then tempered in an oven at 400 degrees Celsius and is tempered to 54 HRC

  • If the coil requires a flat seat it is the ground to suit in a computer controlled wet grinder

  • The coil si then shot peened to stress relieve the outer surface for a uniformed finish and optimal power coat surface

  • Dipped in phosphate for corrosion protection

  • Epoxy powder coated for a durable finish and presentation

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