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Flexx Hot Dog H Pipe Mustang GT 15-21

Our Flexx Motorsport Hot Dog H pipe has been engineered and designed for Maximum performance and great sound. The H intersection point has been designed to optimize exhaust scavenging and equalize exhaust pulses, allowing your Mustang to run more efficiently, allowing you to make maximum power. The Hot Dog resonators give the exhaust a deeper tone and eliminates a lot of the rasp that is typical of most after market exhaust systems and X and H pipes.

The Hot Dog H Pipe is also a must for those Mustang owners adding headers to their stock cat back and not wanting the over the top aggressive, higher pitched sound that comes with the headers/resonator delete combo. 

The Hot Dog H Pipe with ensure your Mustang GT has that deeper, traditional muscle car sound without drone. 

  • Australian Made
  • Designed for maximum power, torque and efficiency
  • Enhanced exhaust sound
  • Deeper muscle car tone
  • Easy cut & clamp installation
  • Stainless steel
  • No tuning required
  • 10 year warranty

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